Posted on: 2016-08-07 19:13:08

I’m never interested in any kind of Legislative honours or in that sense in Loaves and Fishes, Our helpless Farmers do not understand them, and they are little affected by them.

There are many reasons for the formation of Telangana state by Congress, especially for her Farmers. I still believe in Grama Swaraj & support Gandhiji’s eleven points about it. That Swaraj of Telangana, which do not satisfy our Farmers is no Swaraj. We are all elected representatives of People from different assemblies to help the sweating millions, but the government is going away from the line of Service. My interest always lies in helping the downtrodden Farmers in Telangana to rise from their state & be on a level with the tallest in the land. We all shall be Thankful to Gandhiji for leaving his legacy in the gospel of Truth & Non-violence which gave us an inkling of their dignity and the power they possess. It is just the beginning of our Telangana. There is much more to do. I appeal to the government, let us make up our minds that we exist for them & not they for us. Congress represent and exists for the toiling millions and it has always remained an irresistible power for our peasantry. Request everyone to show your dissent against the TRS government but make it peacefully & let us all leverage this democratically & ensure the government comes down to help our Farmers.

Jai Hind.!
Vamshi Chand Reddy,
MLA, Kalwakurthy

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